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Thanks for your service to all the delisted guys, although I believe that Balic is an exception, not much service but a lot of sulk.

With Sam Collins, he was unable to impress Lyon and his coaching team because he didn't drop the weight and work as hard as Mr Darcy.  Sad though, but winning the WAFL B & F demonstrates the gap between the AFL and WAFL quality of footy standards.

With Mr Darcy, yes he is quite shy and living with Sandi may not help as Sandi was very shy for many years as well.  Maybe Sandi will teach him what he learned from his early years.  But it would be a good move for Fyfe and the leadership group to direct some close attention to Mr Darcy because Sean is already a bit of a cult figure and gained much media attention during the season.  If the Melb media puts the attention spotlight on you that means he has broken through from the masses.
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