Purple Heart
I am very sad to learn that Cam McCarthy and the Dockers have parted ways effective immediately.   This is an awful ending to Cam’s time at Freo and many of us are shocked by the news.  Apparently the Club had informed Cam that his contract was not going to be extended beyond 2020 and by mutual agreement they decided to end things now.  

I just want to say that in spite of the obstacles to get Cam to Freo, he was a real asset to our club.  Who can forget that game last year when he kicked five goals?  He was on fire and we got to see just how talented this kid is.

Thanks Cam for everything you have done for Freo.  The road hasn’t been an easy one for you (some footy careers are just like that) and sadly you’ve had quite a few curved balls come your way, but in spite of that you have persevered and hung in there, and have been a fan favourite.  It was great to meet you last year and witness first hand what an asset you have been to our club.

Best wishes and good luck with whatever endeavours you undertake in your life in the future.   We will miss you.
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Indeed sad outcome, Freo faithful had big expectations for Cam to provide another avenue in the forward line. Best wishes for his future endeavours.
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tip tops

He was the butt of a lot of jokes along with Tabs but seriously buddy would of found it hard in the past few lean years up forward for Freo
Its always sad to see players leave the club and yes PH anyone who can kick five goals in a game is no mug.
He seemed to bring a lot of zany humour to the player group that I’m sure will be missed by everyone.
Good luck to Cam in the future.

I see also Carter has been released from his contact early as well a promising player who looks to of lost his way,I hope he sorts himself out.

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Purple Heart
Yes received an email from the club last night saying that Jason has also left tip tops.  Discussions about players’ futures seem to be taking place now as opposed to the end of the season.  It’s probably due to the team going into another hub shortly, and there isn’t much point taking people if they won’t be at Freo beyond this year.

I really hope that Jason can make it back to AFL level.  Maybe with a bit more maturity he will get himself into the right head space for the commitment that‘s required at AFL level.  From what I hear he has the skills, he just needs the right attitude to go along with it.
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I think that Cam was the scapegoat for our poor disposal into the forward line.I think the club expected him to carry the brunt of the forward line work.Cam at GWS was only ever the number three forward at best there.
I think his illness stopped him as well.
I am not sure any other club from the AFL will look to him.
But it seems that he wants to return to South Fremantle, but has been stopped by the WAFC.
I wish him all the best for his future, health wise more than football wise.
As for Jason Carter.I have heard on other sites that Colin Young, his manager, is responsible.Garbage.Jason can only blame himself for his demise.
He came back to preseason well underdone.He was in a group of three players who had to rebuild, and only recently has one made his way back.
Add to Jason's two infringements, then I think the writing was on the wall.
Another wasted talent at the club.He had it all in front of him and let it go.
The clean out had begun.I am sure there will be more in coming weeks.And it will cut deep with the proposed smaller lists next season.Some that go may be surprising.Some we had high hopes for and never got the chance to see them on the park.






29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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