The season, part two, got off with a real fizz.What a shocker.ten goals for the game.Like so many others, I thought shorter quarters making a difference already.
In the game Thursday night the viewing public were robbed of about 30/35 minutes of football.Even after watching the rest of the games, shortened quarters are not for me.
But after the opening debacle, along comes Geelong and Hawks. They kick nine goals between them in a pretty good start.But Geelong ran over the Hawks.
Melbourne sneak a win after Carlton had many chances to win,Maybe the same ole same ole for Carlton.Harley Bennell got through unscatheded.If he stands up, will be real value for the Dees.
The Suns young ones scorched the Eagles wings in an upset of the highest order.I guess the Hub is not for the Eagles.
Power smashed the Crows.
One of the flag favourites the Giants went down to the Roos.Another surprise.
Bombers hung on to defeat Sydney in an arm wrestle.
And last of all in what was an entertaining game early, The Saints smashed the Doggies.The Saints played some very good fast running football.
A lucky break for Hawthorns Sean Burgoyne, only getting as fine for a dangerous sling tackle on Dangerfield.
Jeremy McGovern lucky to only have a weeks suspension after punching Alex Sexton in retaliation for a head high hit.Maybe should have copped a second week for pushing Sexton into the fence shortly after.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart
I was pleased that Harley got through the game anchor.   He didn’t seem to exert himself too much - baby steps obviously, which is probably the best way to go about restarting his career

Two of the biggest surprises so far for me has been Richmond and Adelaide.  Richmond are looking pretty ordinary at the moment.  In contrast, Port are looking in very good shape.  That was a very impressive hiding they gave the Crows who look a shadow of their former selves.  It was good to see.   I never lose track of the fact that Port are treated as the poor relatives to the Crows by the SA media.  It’s pretty much the same way our media treats us with respect to the Eagles.  I’m sure the Port fans loved every minute of that thrashing.  We just don’t need them to repeat that performance with us on Sunday.  

I agree anchor.  It was a case of double standards with the penalty given for Burgoyne’s sling tackle.  There is no way he shouldn’t have been suspended for that.  The fact that Dangerfield was able to continue playing is irrelevant, and a fine has certainly sent the wrong message.  If Burgoyne had been a Docker you just know it would’ve been a very different punishment handed out.  

McGovern seems to be having a problem controlling his anger these days.  He was involved in several other aggressive incidents, which weren’t picked up on.  Luckily for Sexton the fence/gate moved when he was thrown into it.  The Eagles will struggle again without McGovern this week.  They are looking old and slow and the young GC team ran them off their feet with ease.  With seven teenagers running around, the Suns looked impressively fit and super fast in contrast.  I suspect  Simmo and the Eagles won’t be having the season they thought they would.    
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