adam kiwi
Harry Atkins on Facebook raises a great bloody point. 

"Instead of increasing the AFLW season to 9 rounds (to ensure all teams play each other once), the AFL decide to spend money on some Superhero Themed Tournament that means nothing. Absolute Disgrace!" 

Can't help but agree. I won't be watching the silly little game called AFLX. I also won't be talking about it again. 

And if any dockers get injured from it -  then I'll consider it twice as bad. 

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Purple Heart
You have a good point there Adam.

I can’t think of too many decisions that the AFL make that aren’t money based. Let’s face it.

Obviously they consider that the AFL X series will generate more money than an extra AFLW round.

It’s a shame.
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adam kiwi
Well the AFL has had bugger all cut through in NZ. It has to be said. 

But, the AFLW is slowly gathering steam here.  AFLX is not even being mentioned. 

So if they want an international game, and I gather they do - then the women's game is the answer - not some silly superhero themed event.  
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