adam kiwi
Blah Blah - youth, they were competitive, it's a young side. 

Bugger that, 10 straight losses to them. 

FFS I can't take anymore. 

We can lose to any other club, anyone of them and I will take it on the chin. But 10 to the toasters is enough.  

Just so damn much enough. 

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Purple Heart
Yep it hurts alright, but I see their win as a bit of a hollow victory really.   Having fielded their best 22 except one (Shuey) we were always going to be up against it with a side which has 8 of their best 22 sitting on the sidelines.  Although it shouldn’t be an excuse you have to wonder if the situation was reversed and we were missing only one player from our best 22 and the Eagles were down 8 of their best, would they have beaten us by 5 goals?  

I’ve got my doubts.  
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